This really is a wonderful site so far. I haven’t the faintest idea of how to use it but everything I’m typing is sounding posh-British in my head.

The premise (of this blog, that is): Kind-of-sort-of publish insights into my life and that of the world around us as I hurdle out of secondary school and into the academic abyss of college.

The really cool idea: Tie every entry back to literature. I happen to be an almost-English-major and I want to, I don’t know, prove to myself and the “world” (ok the internet) that this fabulous art form is universal.

Post a week sound good? I think so.

Now I’m off to figure out this uncharted country from whose bourne no traveler returns. Did I quote that right? Too dramatic? Biting off too much? Will I get over it?

Yes. The answer is yes.